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RainbowUnicorn Palette


Sold Out

Product Details

The Original RainbowUnicorn Palette!

A super beautiful selection of rainbow pressed pigments and glitters including our bestseller the RainbowUnicorn Highlighter! Add this beauty to your collection and stay magical..... Please note that there is limited availability on these so get your order in now!


Handcrafted, vegan friendly and animal cruelty free.



*Statement from Sparkle Fantasy : please note there has been a surge of horrible fakes lately trying to imitate this beautiful palette, we do not sell on Ebay, please only buy from accredited stockists to ensure you are not putting nasties on your eyes!

you will see that the price is very low on these fakes this is because they are made with cheap and sometimes dangerous chemicals like lead, are not guaranteed to be animal cruelty free or vegan friendly and are definitely not handmade, the quality will be extremely poor, colour payoff will be minimal and your satisfaction of the product will be low. These fakes are giving us a terrible name so please be aware that they are not made by us.




We send all orders out by Royal Mail or by international Air Mail (and handled by your local postal service e.g. USPS, Canadian Post, Emirates Post etc.). For full details please click here.


We offer a 14 day return policy from date of purchase. If you need a refund or exchange please contact us explaining the problem and we will be happy to help. For full details please click here.


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