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The Secret to Flawless Glitter Application

Posted on June 23 2015

The Secret to Flawless Glitter Application
Hi Lovelies... In this post I am going to explain the importance of mixing your sparkles with the fixative gel FIRST before application. For a flawless look with very little fallout on the face or under the eyes, the trick is to suspend the glitter within a clear substance first ( our glitter fix gel is perfect for this! ) before applying to the skin.  This means the glitter will be kept controlled while you apply instead of staying in its loose form & off the brush. You can always use shadow shields too to reduce the fallout or as we have mentioned before use some masking or sellotape after application to gently lift off the loose particles that have fallen. tips shadow shields Here's some more handy tips ! Practice makes perfect - after a few goes at this you will be an expert glitter applier, it really does get easier the more that you try and the more confident you get with it. Have a lovely day sparklers!... and remember, never let anyone dull your sparkle sparkle Carrie xx


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