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The safety aspects of using glitter around the eye

Posted on July 13 2015

The safety aspects of using glitter around the eye
Although the FDA doesn't 'officially' approve of any glitter on the market currently for use around the eye, our glitter IS non toxic, EN7-1 approved  and tested to EU cosmetic law manufacturers safety standards (1223/2009).  They are polyester based and soften when applied to the skin and are ideal for cosmetic applications. See's interesting article here. 1360684684_9212_15       DO make sure that you use cosmetic glitters and not the non eye safe ones, it's not just BS. Trust me. The problem with glitters that aren't eye safe is not that they would irritate your skin, it's about getting it in your eyes. Craft glitters and other non eye safe glitters are made of sharp plastic and/or metal which can harm your eyes badly while cosmetic glitters are often made of polyester which softens when you get it in your eye, plus it's cut rounded and not pointed like the cheap glitters. PLEASE take care of your eyes, you don't have a spare pair, and wasting them on cheap toxic sharp metal glitters is so unnecessary. Cosmetic Glitter used around the Eye At GlitterEyes we advise you to use glitter at your own discretion - Glitter has been used to enhance the eye & other facial features for years by the fashion industry, makeup artists and the general public, so we think ( although nothing is 100% guaranteed in this life! ), if used sensibly you wont have any problems.  I, personally as chief developer and tester! have used it around my eye while testing this product myself and on friends for the past couple of years (almost daily! ) and have never experienced any irritation or scratching.  We think its a common sense thing, reduce the chance of any irritation by applying correctly, using the 'mixing first' method we suggest and do not apply to the actual water line and you will be fine. ..and remember, never let anyone dull your sparklesparkle   love Carrie xx  


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