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Our growing presence within the beauty trade...

Posted on July 09 2015

Our growing presence within the beauty trade...
HI Lovlies, today I'm going to talk about what we can offer the beauty retail trade and where we see the brand going in the future.  Our brand aims, our dreams and our mission. Our philosophy is simple, we want to provide the world with a mood enhancing product that makes people feel good when they use it, a product that makes the user look and feel more beautiful.  Overall a fun cosmetic product that is easy to use, versatile and cost effective and I think with GlitterEyes we have managed to do that. Easy to use With our fabulous range of high quality applicators and brushes you can create your looks easily by following our tutorials on any of our social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.  We always have great tips and tricks posted online so give our pages a follow! We also give out an Infographic with every order to make sure our customers know what the easiest way to apply is.  Please see it here below.  The main point of the new 'zero fallout' method is this : MIX the gel & glitter BEFORE you apply to the lid, it then goes on in a much more controlled manner with much less mess. Our helpful infographic explaining our new 'zero fallout' method Versatile We wanted a product that would appeal to a wide audience.  A cosmetic item that would be fun and exciting to use, but also versatile enough to create really subtle looks for those that just want to enhance their makeup look and not completely change it. Here at GlitterEyes we made sure that a selection of our shades were soft & sophisticated enough to create just a hint of shimmer so people could choose whether they wanted the full on glam glitter look using our more vivid shades like Scarlet Spirit or Glistening Azure... or go for a more elegant look using Barely There, Iridescence, Mocha Shine or Gunmetal Smoulder.  We designed these more neutral shades to be worn over or in place the normal eyeshadow shades that you are used to wearing.  This helps, we think, to make wearing glitter a little less intimidating, kind of breaking you in gently if you aren't used to using glitter. Glitter can be beautifully low-key! We also want to point out that we believe that glitter can be used for almost any occasion! Use it to sparkle on your girlie night out, shine bright at festivals and gigs, glimmer at hen do's and weddings or even at that girlie lunch catch up in the day ( just smidge a little of our clear white shade Iridescence or our nude glitter Bare-ly There in the corner of each eye for a daytime version of GlitterEyes that wont be too much but will give your eyes the edge with a beautiful soft shimmer )   Soft daytime glitter look Cost Effective Simple, fair, honest terms and conditions. GlitterEyes is priced at an RRP of £8.99, which we don't think is too bad for what you get or compared to similar products on the market. We believe in being fair to our customers and retailers by charging a reasonable price for a quality product that looks good & does what it says on the tin! Additionally each kit will last for approximately 50 applications!!! We think that is brilliant value for money. For the trade we have various cost prices depending on how many units you purchase, but we have no MOQ's currently so we don't demand you by a certain amount of kits per order.  Which we think helps retailers to trial the product before committing to a huge amount of stock.   Our Dreams.... Here at GlitterEyes we are into forming relationships with our customers, clients and stockists.  We are not, believe it or not,  all about the sale. When we recruit a new salon or boutique we make sure that we check in regularly to see how things are going and to deliver any relevant brand news or developments. For the customer we pride ourselves on our social media communications providing lots of tips and hints on using the product and any other useful glitter related articles we may find! we also think its a good idea to update our loyal customers with any brand development news and send out the odd discount code here and there as a thank you for their support. Our dream is yet a long way off but eventually we hope to be stocked in a lot of salons, stores, and other relevant retailers nationally and globally, it all about the long term vision. We hope that you will join us on our journey to sprinkle the world with Glitter! We would love you to come on board.  Please find a link for all trade applications here. glitter20airplane.gif~original Have a sparkly day, and remember - never let anyone dull your sparkle!   love Carrie xx  


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