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Is there such a thing as 'subtle' glitter makeup?

Posted on July 06 2015

Is there such a thing as 'subtle' glitter makeup?
Yes there certainly is! Here at GlitterEyes our mission is to take Glitter Makeup into another dimension! A whole new way to wear makeup be it edgy, sophisticated, beautifully subtle, fashion forward or all of the above! If you are concerned that glitter makeup is just for middle schoolers, just for New Years Eve or for fancy dress then read on.  There are ways to wear it more elegantly and many more occasions you can sparkle at, if its used in the correct way... and at GlitterEyes we are determined to show you how. With our stunning range of glitter shades including soft browns, muted greys, shimmering nudes and dusky pinks there is a shade to suit every taste, every look, every outfit and every skin tone. The looks below illustrate just how gorgeously subtle you can go with your Glitter.. Wear it to weddings, hen do's, festivals, gigs, girlie nights out, even out to lunch! ( try a pop of our lighter shades, Bare-ly There or Iridescence in the corner of each eye for a lovely day time take on the look ) Sophisticated Glam... indeximages Lit-Glitter-Oprah Another way to keep glitter looking fresh and chic is to just apply along the lash line ( upper or lower ) see below... 6 12-Glitter 81adefec168611e2bd9022000a1c8857_7 362 TIP! If you aren’t sure about going with a vibrant color, find a shade that’s neutral or close to what you’d normally wear. Simply adding sparkle is a lot less intimidating than switching up your color, too.   So there you have it, there IS such a thing as sophisticated Glitter... its all about creating a balance.  Why not apply a beautiful matte eyeshadow and top it off with a GlitterEyes shade to add depth and interest to your look.. Or use a black liner to line and then apply a shade like Peach Fizz or Goblin Galaxy over the top to create a stunning sparkle over the black that lights up your eye as it catches the light...   See our tutorials posted regularly on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook to see how to create the looks above, we also have details of current promotions, discount codes and offers of the week on all of our social media platforms, so give us a like or a follow!! and remember... Never let anyone dull your sparkle!!! Love Carrie sparkle      

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