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GlitterEyes - a glitter liner/shadow/mascara all in one!

Posted on June 25 2015

Why spend a fortune on multiple cosmetic products that are expensive and take up loads of space on your dresser or in your makeup bag when with GlitterEyes you can get multiple products in one and some high quality make-up brushes too! You can create a glitter liner effect, glitter shadow & glitter mascara effects all with this one little product, no need to buy a separate item to produce each effect, its so versatile.   When we were developing GlitterEyes we wanted to produce a cosmetic that didn't cost the earth, that looked fun but had a sophisticated edge.  Our aim was to alter the image of glitter makeup as it was currently known ( as a hit and miss kind of fancy dress type cosmetic accessory ) and take it into a more fashion forward arena. We had four criteria that it must hit. 1. To be user friendly 2. To be good value 3. To be versatile 4. To be safe to use So ditch the idea of having a product for each use and look for products that save you clutter and money!     £23 for a Glitter Eyeshadow! £17! Just for the glitter     Brushes can be really expensive Glitter adhesive £5     Glitter Mascara £5 Glitter Eyeliner £13! All of these items can really add up, if you placed them all in your shopping cart they would total around £80!!! Get ALL of the above in one cute little box! For only £8.99 including Shipping! GlitterEyes! And create all these beautiful effects.... Eyeshadow Glitter Shadow Effect SONY DSC     index Glitter Liner Effect


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