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Glitter Tips and Tutorials

Posted on June 09 2015

Glitter Tips and Tutorials
Hi Loves, today I am going to talk about the dreaded fallout.  The thing that puts everyone off using glitter. Stubborn particles of glitter that just wont budge off your cheeks and under your eyes that totally ruin that clean polished look we all aspire to achieve.  No one wants to look like they've just had a fight with a craft box! There are a bunch a ways you can combat the problem. One of my favorite tricks is using a great little product called 'shadow shields' they are simply applied under the eye to catch any fallout. How to use shadow shields shadow shields They can be brought from the website or on Amazon or Ebay - great for regular eyeshadow application too. Or simply hold a tissue under the eye for similar benefits! tips   Another great ( and very cheap! ) trick is to use masking tape or cellotape to gently press onto the glitter fallout on the cheeks after application. We all have some hanging about the house somewhere.  I have used this trick a lot and it really helps mop up any unwanted particles.. just be careful to press lightly to avoid taking off your base makeup too! If you are new to using glitter makeup I would first suggest using just the glitter fix gel applicator to apply the glitter all over the lids and forgetting about the brushes included in the kits to begin with.  The glitter adheres better this way and is more user friendly... fix gelSimply unscrew the lid of the glitter fix gel, pat the gel on lids, dip the gel applicator that is attached to the black lid lightly into the glitter pot ( only pick up a small amount of glitter each time and gradually build up onto lid )There will be a tutorial coming up for this basic technique in the next few weeks! Once you have mastered this technique you can move on to the applicator included in our GlitterEyes kits!  We will also be retailing a fine eyeliner GlitterEyes brush that helps you create a glitter liner effect rather than a full on glitter lid - these can be brought separately as an add on product on our website and will be available as from the end of next week. We also hope to retail our very own shadow shields in the future so watch this space for everything you need to create your beautiful sparkling GlitterEyes look! 1743726_786997611382053_1272560649454881193_n(1) glittereyes9


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