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Glitter Makeup Application

Posted on August 03 2015

Glitter Makeup Application

Glitter Makeup application

So here at the GlitterEyes blog we feel its our duty to share with our customers and readers the best ways to apply your sparkles.  It can be a very messy business! Without our glitter makeup application secrets you can end up with not just a beautiful glittery eye but a whole face full of glitter and thats not a great look.  We want your glitter makeup to look beautiful, clean and polished. The main trick to remember during the application of glitter is to MIX first, before applying to the skin.  You then have much more control and the loose pigment will not drop everywhere.   So its simple really :   1.Apply glitter fix gel to back of hand 2.Dampen your applicator in the gel and pick up a small amount of glitter from the pot 3.Mix glitter with remainder of gel on hand and apply!  


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