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All things magical makeup!

  • About the Founder Who owns Magical Makeup?
    About the Founder

    Posted on June 23 2023

    Id always known I was a creative person and not an academic.  Before I started hand making my own cosmetcis I never felt like I fitted in at any profession...

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  • Customs & Duties for overseas customers




    Will I have to pay customs fees when my package arrives in my country?

    Customs & Duties for overseas customers

    Posted on November 08 2022

    Polite reminder. We ask all our international customers to please be mindful for any customs fee’s, taxes or duties when ordering our products overseas.  These can vary from country to...

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  • Missing Packages

    Posted on September 26 2022

    What do I do if my order is missing? We cannot be held responsible for lost/stolen/misplaced packages by the postal service during transit to your destination.  Once we have shipped...

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  • Where is my order?

    Posted on September 07 2022

    If the items that you have ordered are ready made it usually means these will ship within 2-5 days and take on average 1-3 days to get to you in...

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    Posted on September 07 2022

    We always advise a swatch test first before you apply to the delicate areas of the face. Although, very rare, allergies can happen. Before placing your order please read our...

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  • Are our products cruelty free?

    Posted on September 05 2022

    Yes! The magical fam are huuuuge animal lovers! We are fiercely against animal testing and do not collaborate with any suppliers that test on animals. We pride ourselves on having...

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